I want to tell you about Astria Mundo. But first, a bit about myself. I moved from Chile to NYC in 2009 and discovered what a winter in December was. As a former southern hemisphere resident, I used to spend Christmases in bathing suits at the beach, so this was a completely new experience for me. I did like it; I just had to readjust my closet and get a proper long-down jacket. A few years passed by, and it’s not like I stopped using the jacket, I just wasn’t wearing many layers underneath it. 

I didn’t need to be a NASA scientist to realize that something was changing, and in the beginning was fun, the earlier unexpected summer weather. Yet this came with more frequent heat waves and higher electrical bills, 2016 was when the allergies started. I recently ended up in the ER to get a steroid shot, because of how bad my skin allergy was. Air quality and temperatures have become a major topic. There is an article on the NASA website (yes, I did think about studying astronomy) named “When Climate Gets Under Your Skin” that mentions that the risk of Lyme disease is expanding even north of Canada because warmer global temperatures make it more habitable for ticks. 

And now let’s go back to early 2020, before Covid, the fires in Australia. I watched that video with the cyclist giving water to an almost fainting koala, and it broke my heart. I remember this article mentioning that it wasn’t about the big animals as the kangaroos and koalas, they are very cute, and it’s very sad, but it was indeed about the whole ecosystem that we don’t see washing out. The biodiversity. The little bugs.  It may never come back. And then came California, and then Chile. Never stops. 

What kind of planet will we have in 20 years from now? We are just looking now to discreet changes every year… the accumulative effect of 10 hell summers in a forest that doesn’t have enough time to recover during shorter winters could be beyond our imagination. We have no idea.

We have an ill atmosphere. In 2021 I wanted to do something about it. The logical was to affect my carbon consumption. I searched for options, they were flawed, vague, and time-consuming. I understood why people didn’t want to waste their time in something that may not have an impact at all. So this is when Astria came up. There is nothing like this out there.  I quit my job and joined an MBA program to develop it. Also to learn about GenZs-and how they think. 

I do think carbon emissions are still going to go up, the 2030 scenario is a bit utopic, but will reach a plateau. The sooner the less we will lose in between. And this is where Astria Mundo and the A-Score will play a major role. 

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